Featured Products

At Bellefontaine Nursery, we're proud to be associated with quality suppliers. We offer information below about some of our favorite vendors, and hope you'll begin to understand the well-founded emphasis we place on acquiring the best, most local plant material available.


Our 2016 rose list now posted! After fifty years of intensive breeding, David Austin's English Roses combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the repeat-flowering of modern roses. They are very easy to grow, healthy and reliable. English Roses may be grown as magnificent, shapely shrubs or trained as short climbers. Our collection contains a rose for almost every garden situation. See our gallery!


Specializing in rare and unusual annual & perennial plants, including cottage garden heirlooms & hard to find California native wildflowers. "A trip to Annie's Annuals nursery in Richmond [CA] is for true plant fanatics what a religious pilgrimage is to the devout believer." -Barbara Wood Palo Alto Weekly


Native Sons: Champions of California-appropriate plants. Their philosophy combines the belief that gardening is an adventure while supporting efforts to be ecologically sensitive to our surroundings. The result is an inspiring collection of plants for the novice and master gardener alike. And for poetic ruminations which speak (and sometimes sing) to the naturalist in us all, don't miss Rainie's Corner. It's a beautifully written and thoughtful blog about life.


A truly unique nursery located in Santa Barbara. San Marcos Growers is recognized as an important grower, especially in their role in the introduction of new plant material into the California nursery trade. Their emphasis is on drought tolerant material andother Mediterranean plants, and their inventory is vast.


Magic Growers ...the most local wholesale nursery located right here in Pasadena! Growing flowering perennials and "Water Wise" shrubs of unsurpassed quality and beauty for our Mediterranean climate, their goal is to enhance the enjoyment of life by beautifying the landscape, while being protective of the environment and our natural resources.


Dr. Earth's wide variety of all organic plant foods, fertilizers, and pest deterrents are sold only by independent nurseries and garden centers like us. Stop by and we would be happy to recommend the appropriate product for your garden.



Star Roses consistently provides a great selection of bare root roses. Our customers look forward to their new introductions each year. Steve Bening is a great friend to Bellefontaine Nursery and has been our featured speaker for our Rose Talk for several years now.



Located in Fallbrook, California, Durling supplies many different types of citrus trees. Some of our favorites are the Meyer and Eureka Lemons, Satsuma Mandarins, Bearss and Mexican Limes, Washington Navels, Valencia Oranges, Pink Lemonade Lemon and more. We generally carry both the five and fifteen gallon sizes. Standards are available in some varieties.


Growers of tropical fruit trees, delicious stone fruit, and more. We love the variety of edibles grown by La Verne Nursery including their terrific blueberry bushes which are well-suited for Southern California.


At Botanical Interests the goal is to inspire and educate the gardener in you. That is why, since 1995 they have been supplying gardeners with the highest quality seed in the most beautiful and informative seed packets on the market. Their desire for more information along with their passion for spreading gardening wisdom led them to create a unique seed packet that is not only beautiful, but is also filled with facts, tips, recipes and quality seed.


Their motto is Health, Serenity, and Environment. Their product line is designed with all of those things in mind... with all the right ingredients for a happy garden! The popular Gardner & Bloome Rose Planting Mix was introduced to us at the Rose Talk and we've found that it's great for giving new roses a terrific start.


Weeks Wholesale Rose Grower is one of the largest commercial rose growers in the United States since 1938. They offer a unique broad selection of specialty roses. For each rose variety, they select the propagation method that ensures maximum plant performance, hardiness and floriferousness in your garden. Bellefontaine Nursery also stands squarely for floriferousness, and we are proud to carry Weeks Roses.


Beneficial insects attack your pest problem by reducing the number of pests to below damaging levels. Instead of using harmful insecticides, Tip Top predator insects and snails utilize the same deadly method of combatting target pests: they eat them. Bellefontaine Nursery currently carries ladybugs, decollate snails and praying mantids. We'll be happy to tell you more at the nursery!