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Save the Monarch Butterfly!







Among our hottest items this year have been three varieties of Asclepias. These milkweeds are vital for the propagation of monarch butterflies, whose worldwide numbers are dwindling dramatically. We sell Showy Milkweed (A. Speciosa), Tropical Milkweed (A. Curassavica), and Narrowleaf Milkweed (A. Fascicularis). In addition to providing sustenance to monarchs, these plants also attract other butterflies and hummingbirds. Our old friends at Magic Growers and our new friends at Mariposa Gardens supply us with these beauties!


Also known as Passionfruit. With lots of delicious fruit for salads, sherbets or eating right out of hand, the intricate 3.5" flowers will delight you and the Gulf Fritillaries from early summer through fall. Wait until the fruit darkens to purple and drops from the vine before eating. You can leave the fruit to ripen further for a sweeter taste, or add sugar. Evergreen and quick growing, ‘Frederick’ can easily reach 15' high and wide but can be made smaller by cutting back to 1' in winter. It’s is one of the hardiest of the Passifloras, surviving winter wet and brief frosts (to 20 degrees F) with grace, going semi-deciduous. Takes heat well, too! An annual side-dress of compost will keep it lush and happy. Self-pollinating. Does not self-sow. Sun/part Sun, average water.