Norman Mineta & His Legacy: An American Story

We don’t want anyone to miss the new documentary film, Norman Mineta & His Legacy: An American Story, scheduled for national broadcast on PBS Monday, May 20th at 9:00 PM! Check your local listings.

Norman Mineta is a man of many firsts: the first Asian American mayor of a major city
(San Jose, California); the first Japanese American from the mainland to be elected to
Congress; and the first Asian American to serve in a presidential cabinet. But beyond
these groundbreaking achievements, Mineta personifies the dreams and aspirations of
many Americans,
including those of us in the Bellefontaine Nursery family.


Norm Mineta spent his life both proving by his own achievements that America was working for more and more people but also trying to give that chance to everybody else,” said President Clinton. “And that’s a worthy life. It should be honored, but more importantly, it should be emulated.
— President Bill Clinton

Join the Bellefontaine Nursery family in applauding a truly great American. Again, the premiere broadcast of Norman Mineta & His Legacy: An American Story will be Monday, May 20th at 9 pm on PBS! Please note: your local PBS station may schedule this documentary in a different time slot, so check your local listings!

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