Alan's September–October Garden Tips




The best season to plant in Southern California is Fall. It has been the gardener’s secret for generations in Pasadena. Our warm days are ideal for root growth and the cooler evening temperatures help plants retain moisture. Our last hot days in September are coming to an appreciated end.

What can we plant? 

We recommend the Cole family of broccoli, cauliflower and kale. From seed or small starters; China peas, beets, onions, carrots and spinach. More of our favorite fall veggies include; sweet watermelon radishes, daikon sprouts and edamame beans.

Cilantro and Dill are best planted in cool weather. Garlic chives and Wild Arugula are excellent and the maintenance is easy.

Plant lavenders of all varieties! From French traditional to English and Spanish! Try some of our very own California adaptable versions of “Goodwin Creek” and “Multifida.” They love full sun and open/airy locations. I prefer to plant lavenders in front yards to show them off!

CA Color seeds  
Poppies, Baby Blue Eyes and Lupines.

Perennial Flowers  
Brightly colored perennial flowers such as Lantana serve multiple purposes. They attract bees and butterflies, plus a splash of color to the garden!

Hillside seeding  
Gives you spectacular color and that much needed erosion control! Sow wildflower mixes and water-wise flower seeds!

Saving the best for last!  
You cannot match the blooming spectacle of the Japanese Anemones or the Tiger Eye Abutilon bush! The bright orange fruit of a Japanese Persimmon or the last Pumpkin hanging on the vine. Plant those Coral Bells, Saxifragias and Bronze Phormiums you’ve been promising yourself. Seeing the beauty in the red leaves of dryopteris Autumn Ferns or Chinese Pistachios surely tells one it is Fall!