Alan’s March & April Garden Tips



Philotheca myoporoides “Profusion”

“Inspired after the rains…” Were you fortunate to be in Pasadena the past month? We have experienced the most incredible spring flowering that I can remember. Blooms of pure white adorn the Chinese fringe trees along my drive to work. Purple Wisteria vines are covering arbors and fences along with pink Cecile Brunner climbing roses. Even the dark purple flowers of Clematis “Polish Spirit” seem to be fighting for everyone’s attention!

A forgotten Razzleberry bush in the corner of our nursery is blooming along with a Descanso lilac named “Lavender Lady” and a half way blooming Jasmine polyanthum vine is filling the air with a recognizably sweet fragrance.

Did I forget to mention all the “Pacific Coast Irises” in bloom? Large flowering white “Canyon Snow” and brightly colored Yellow or Blue Douglasianas, cherished by many of our gardening friends. A superb plant to grow along the stream beds of many new and old gardens. 

Roses: In our own back forty, often too hot and sunny for most plants, just about every rose is in bud or bloom!  Perhaps a reward from all the summer “hose watering” just to keep them alive?! The Yellow Lady Banks Rose and David Austin’s “Snow Goose” impressed us the most!

The rainy season will be ending but we’ve got great memories of what our “Spring” blooms are capable of producing with smart watering and fertilizing!

Plant of the month: Philotheca myoporoides “Profusion,” a curious member of the citrus family it produces hundreds of small white flowers with aromatic foliage. This compact shrub grows to 4-5ft in height and is nick named “long leaf wax flower.”

FAQ: When and what should we fertilize all of these trees vines and flowering shrubs with? Organic fertilizers are by far the best! Whether you choose Bud and Bloom by G&B or Dr. Earth or Fish Emulsion, use what best suits you. I’ve got a heavy hand when it comes to feeding so I’m better off using the G&B All Purpose these days.