Garden Suggestions for May

•  Plant fruit trees for shade & produce. We have: avocados, apples, figs, guavas & peaches.

•  Pull weeds - they take water away from your shrubs & trees. Use a swivel hoe to cultivate simultaneously. Top dress with organic compost.

•  Continue deadheading roses & treat for mildew or rust if needed. Spray with neem oil or Safer's fungicide. Feed every 4 weeks with G&B organic rose 4-6-2 to keep them flourishing.

•  Prune & feed camellias with G&B 4-5-2.

•  Plant corn, squash tomatoes & basil. Longer days will bring nice harvests to the table.

•  Fertilize your lawn for stronger drought tolerance. Use Growpower all purpose 5-3-1 or your favorite lawn food.