Alan’s July Gardening Tips


Watering your garden:  Watering is one of the most important jobs of the summer season. Maintaining a healthy tree or foundation shrub will keep the temperatures lower around your house while adding beauty to your landscape. Deep watering twice a month at the drip line of a tree’s canopy will insure that its roots are getting ample water (even with a sprinkler system). All fruits and vegetables need regular watering and don’t forget to check those drought tolerant plants once a week. 

Vines and tropical plants: This is my favorite time to trim vines and tropical plants. They seem to grow overnight and often need thinning out and shaping. We fertilize with G&B Organic Palm, Tropical & Hibiscus fertilizer 4-6-4.

Got umbrella? On hot days shade your herbs and vegetables to prevent sun burning of tender growth or scalding of tomato fruit and bell peppers.

Problem pests: July is the month to look out for problem pests: grasshoppers, mites and whiteflies. Get prepared with Horticultural Oil Spray and Neem Oil. Try earthworm castings for the whiteflies. We use G&B Organics Worm-Gro – it really works!

We have a nice selection of hybrid tomatoes and basil for planting this month along with Concord Grapes, Raspberries, Blueberries, Apricot trees and Peach trees.  Come in and see us!