Alan’s November & December Garden Tips

Groundcover:  It’s a great time to fill in those bare areas with some beautiful ground covers!  Creeping Thyme, Santa Barbara Daisies or Trailing Rosemary are perfect for the job!
Edibles:  Planting edibles is all the rage these days! Join the fun with these winter herbs: Dill, Basil, Rosemary, English & French Thyme and Purple Sage. Easy winter vegetables: Artichokes, Carrots, China Peas and our favorite – Striped Beets!
Fruit Trees:  It’s a great time to plant fruit trees! We have a wonderful selection of plums, nectarines, peaches, apricots, pomegranates, guavas and avocados too!
Irrigation:  We may be watering all winter long. Now is a good time to check your irrigation systems. Drippers may need unclogging and sprayers need adjustments.
Winter Rye:  It’s easy to over-seed your lawn with winter rye: just sprinkle and water! A small amount of water twice a week will keep you and your lawn happy.
Spring Sweet Peas:  Don’t forget to plant your sweet peas now for cut flowers in the spring. Your florist doesn’t sell these!
Plant of the month:  Peppermint Tree “Agonis flexuosa” is a native of Western Australia. This fast growing, evergreen tree will get 25–35 ft tall. The leaves have a wonderful peppermint scent and spring will bring beautiful white flowers. It loves the sun and once established is fairly drought tolerant.