Alan’s Winter Garden Tips



Helleborus Orientalis, “Lenten rose” This evergreen perennial is a fantastic addition to the shade area of your garden. It gets up to 1 ½ ft tall and is “clump-forming.” You will be delighted by it’s beautiful winter blooms! A native of Greece & Turkey, this plant will attract birds, bees and butterflies to your garden.


All over town we've noticed Camellias & Saucer Magnolias from China & Japan in full display. Oriental Hellebores & Razzleberri bushes also put on a spectacle!! Joining in are Grevilleas from Australia along with old fashion pink Geralton Wax flowers. As you walk around your neighborhood enjoy these beautiful blooms and get inspired!

Bare Root Roses

After dormant pruning all the roses, one’s greatest reward is adding a new rose bush to your garden!

My favorite English roses, all based on color & fragrance: “The Generous Gardener,” “Princess Alexandra of Kent,” and “Munstead Wood.”

Favorite Weeks Roses: “All My Loving” after the Beatle’s song. New from Downton Abbey for 2017, “Violets Pride” and “Edith’s Darling.” Last year’s huge success, “Anna’s Promise” and Pretty Lady Rose.”


Winter also brings us the perfect time to prune our dormant Japanese Maples. You will need a sharp pruning shear & a lopper or folding saw for thicker cuts.

The idea is to prune away the older dead wood & thin out areas that have branches crossing. Take a step back during the pruning process to make sure you are helping to balance your tree’s growth. Some of you folks may have a “Crimson Queen” or cascading variety that requires a downward pruning style.

Time & patience are required, but by spring the rewards are wonderful!