November Garden Tips


Hello fellow gardeners!

Fall is knocking on our doors with the promise of cooler evenings!  The scent of the Aloysia Virgata “Sweet Almond tree” and the Osmanthus frangrans “Sweet Olive” are once again in the air. Our Sasanqua Camellias and Senna “Butter & Cream” are exploding with buds and blooms!

What to plant?  

Paperwhite bulbs are sprouting and White Heliotropes are starting to bloom.

Succulents: Some of our favorites with “showy foliage” are; Aloe “Bright Ember” and Echeveria — both “Afterglow”& “Perle Von Nurenberg”.

Fruit trees: It’s the perfect time in Pasadena to plant fruit trees! Donut Peach, Japanese Plum or an Avocado are all great choices.

Fertilize: It’s time to fertilize your fruit trees. We’ve had a bumper crop of figs & guavas ripening this fall as a result of good fertilizing habits. 

Time to trim: As the cooler days begin it’s time to trim your California Native plants. If the summer heat was just too much for some, now is the time to replace them. We stock a good selection of Ceanothus, Manzanitas and Salvias during the month of November. Don’t forget to start cutting back or combing those beautiful ornamental grasses.

Lately I have been inspired by the rose garden at the Huntington Gardens. There you will see a lavender tree-rose named “Love Song” that takes your breath away!  It is surrounded by a bed of Serenita angelonias – giving a “preview” of what is possible for your garden next spring.   Roses from all over the world are shown in the most sophisticated fashion. Amazing all who stroll under the arbors that Henry Huntington dearly loved!

Plant of the Month: Senna “Butter & Cream” is in all it’s glory at this time of the year!  Overflowing with beautiful yellow flowers that have a light fragrance. Considered a shrub or small tree, this evergreen can get between 8-10ft tall and wide. It likes the sun and will attract butterflies, bees and birds. Butter & Cream will make a stunning focal point in your yard at this time every year!