Alan’s May-June Garden Tips


It was a beautiful spring here in Pasadena. As the temperatures rise we are ready to welcome summer and all that it brings!

What’s in bloom? Star Jasmines, Bearded Iris, and perennial Coreopsis Tequila Sunrise.  French, Spanish and English Lavenders are in full floral splendor!  Annabelle and All Summer Beauty Hydrangeas are beginning their long seasonal bloom.

Plant Avocado trees: Bacon, Hass, Lamb Hass and Pinkerton. Give them a few years to grow and bear fruit and you’ll have a nice addition to your salads!

Time to feed your English Roses: Feed them and they’ll respond with excellence — amazing color, size and fragrance!! We prefer G&B Organic Rose 4-6-2 or Growpower 5-3-1 once every month. Our favorite rose for June is Tamora.

Fruit Trees: One of our favorites is a “3 in 1” Espalier Apple featuring Anna, Fuji and Golden Dorsett — all on one tree!! Red Strawberry and Yellow Lemon Guavas are setting fruits for a very promising summer harvest.

Mystery & Veitchii Gardenias: 
They’re great to grow in pots. Use them on your patio to create a “moon garden” and enjoy their late afternoon fragrance! 

Last minute gift arrivals: Sunshine Blueberry plants and wonderful Pomegranate trees.